The connection bewteen the zodiac sign and gemstones/crystals is well known. Additonally we will take a look at the connection of gemstones to the ascendent and to the moon at the time of birth.

The sign rising over the eastern horizon at the time of birth is the ascendant sign. This also means that the ascendant depends also on the place of birth. Some of the ruling planets of the ascendants are beneficient and some of them, like Saturn or Mars are quite hard to handle even if they do have positive qualities. The ascendant is the face you show to the world and this face is sometimes different from your main (sun) sign. The ascendant crystal is apowerful tool for self development.

We know that the Moon has a big influence on the Earth, and it also represents instincts and emotions. The Moon is connected to karmic pattern, past life experiences, parental structure and hidden fears. The right crystal can help you release them and develop your intuition.

to be continued…

There is more information in various books, for example Judy Hall, The Crystal Zodiac.

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