Amethyst for Pisces Ascendant

Overcoming Pisces Ascendant problems with Amethyst

Pisces Ascendant often makes promises she can not keep as life moves on. Amethyst will help you tell the truth even if you fear that this truth might hurt someone. Additionally you have a soft heart and are very perceptive to sad stories, you absorb other people’s feelings and for this reason you often try to save the world. Amethyst will help you keep the common sense and prevents people to take advantage of you. It does not let other people influence you in a pessimistic way. Amethyst supports sobriety and freedom from addictions and helps overcome fears and cravings.

When you wear Amethyst you will feel calmer and will be more objective. It will also help you feel more focused.

Using an amethyst as a meditation focus will increase the positive spiritual feelings and the awareness will be activated, your inner eye opened. Judy Hall suggest the following meditation: Hold your Amethyst crystal and gaze into its depths. Allow the purple colour to activate your spiritual awareness and to open your inner eye. Look through this eye into the centre of your being to discover your true self. Take your time, and after you are ready, take your attention to the crown chakra (the point immediately above your head). Feel the awareness rising up through the higher chakras until it reaches the source of your intuition. Draw this source down to the earth so that you can access it more freely. When you feel ready, put the Amethyst down to meet the world with perceptive insight.

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