Cactus (Spirit) Quartz

I got lots of positve feedback from readers regarding the Cactus Amethyst photo I posted in the caroussel. That makes me very happy and shows me that this website is going into the right direction. Thank you very much for your support and the nice wodrs. I read some publications on the Cactus Quartz (also called Spirit Quartz) and I would like to share them with you all. Castus Quartz is a very unusual variety of quatz, found only in Magaliesberg in South Africa. Most of the mined Spirit Quartz is Amethyst (the purple variety) but there are other varieties of this interesting crystal: clear, yellow (called “Citrine” Spirit Quartz), grey (Smoky Spirit Quartz). All of them have different spiritual properties and focus the energy upon a different level of the chakra system but one is common for all the varieties: this is a very spiritual stone, taking the properties of Quartz to another level. It’s energy has high vibrations and it aligns purifies the whole chakra system and opens the crown and the higher crown chakras. When used in meditation, it brings the peace of mind and freedom from fear.

Spirit Quartz heals discord, instills patience and helps overcome obsesive behaviour. It gives insight into the cause, and supports the detoxification on all levels. Spirit Quartz brings the spirit in all aspects of life.

The Spirit Amethyst opens the higher crown chakras. It is a good companion during a terminal illness, because it helps release the spirit and it helps the soul to move toward the light. It also gives immense support and comfort.

The Citrine Spirit Quartzs works on the earth and the solar plexus chakra. It helps you stand centered, in business it focuses goals and plans.

The Smoky variety of the Cactus Quartz aligns the base chakra with the thirs eye, it grounds the spiritual insight into everyday life. It is a very protective stone and it cleanses emotion. It will also help you get rid of emotional debris.

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