Me and my stones on a trip

Imagine me going on a business trip and needing to have all the necessary stones with me in order to ensure a positive outcome. Imagine the laughs at the security check at the airport when they see what actually the suspicious pile in my bag really is (of course I would never ever consider checking in my precious pieces, what if they get lost?).
Today I was on my way to an exhibition and a conference where I plan to make many good contacts and acquire new projects. Here is my list of my absolutely necessary items for the next couple of days:
My wonderful ring with rutilated quartz that will give me the confidence and will project authority during the meetings is mandatory.
A ring with imperial topaz, worn on the left side of the body makes bad feelings disappear, exchanging them with positivity and self-confidence.
A ring with a diamond will bring trust to relationships. Good when negotiating new projects.
Moldavite, the extraterrestrial magic stone;
Herkimer diamond reduces stress and tension and harmonizes very well with Moldavite.
Seraphinite provides me with a sense of order and gives me comfort.
Black tourmaline will protect me from negative energies (I might run into some people that don’t wish me well. Black tourmaline will reflect the bad wishes right back to them – I just love this one)
Garnet (dodecahedra form) – this form of garnet is especially helpful with business success.
Citrine cluster (it is actually a very small cluster) and some tumbled citrine will support the financial side.
Amber stimulates the intellectual side and communicates unconcern.
Malachite balances, reduces stress.
Tree agate is the stone of plenitude, brings abundance to business.
Well, yes, I have to admit I am a little bit superstitious and I do my Reiki symbols in the airplane before take-off every time I have to fly. On the other hand, today as I packed my suitcase and got ready to go, I just had this strong need to pack the stones and take them with me. This always means I will need exactly those in the next few days.
Wish me luck, and talk to you soon.
Love, Cat

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