Sagittarius Moon

Looking at I just found out that my Moon Sign is Sagittarius. Well, beeing a Sagittarius with Pisces Ascendent and Moon in Sagittarius doesn’t really make me an easy character. Now I know what my mom always tried to tell me 😉

Well, how to make things straight? Apophylite, the Stone of Truth, according to Judy Hall and her Crystal Zodiac, will make me introspective and will show me my true self. It will help me feel more comfortable within my physical body. Maybe that can make me stop dieting one day…

Positive things about a Moon in Sagittarius person is being entertaining, companionable and optimistic, besides lots of wisdom. This Moon is very independent, and speaks the truth no matter the consequences. A Sagittarius Moon hates being lied to, and can detect lies instictively. Many people find it difficult to handle this, and call it lack of diplomacy. Personally, I experience that a lot of times, and still cannot help beeing straightforward. For me this is a good side of a Sagittarius, even if the truth sometimes hurts. If you want to soothe that, use Jasper as it will help you think before you speak or act. Talking about Christmas time and family gatherings, many of us Sagittarius Moons might need lots of Jasper. This year I managed to have zero casualties! Cerussite helped me with being more tactful, which is a very huge challenge for the Sagittarius Moon.

Blue Lace Agate reconnects the Sagittarius Moon with the emotions, but it helps not being overwhelmed by them. It will help you express your thoughts and feelings safely.

The need for emotional freedom, and the restlessness of the Moon might be an issue in relationsships. Garnet helps you to commit and Charoite helps live in the present.


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