Seriphos Quartz

The Seriphos Quartz can only be found in Seriphos in Greece. Seriphos is a small island, in the Cyclades island group in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Athens. It is apple to olive green, and this green colour comes from inclusions of the fibrous mineral Hedenbergite.
I acquired this wonderful specimen last year at a small Minerals and Gemstones show. This particular Crystal is about 8 cm wide and 6 cm tall and it weighs about 250 gr (!). If you have a look at the photo, you can see lots of small points grown in different directions. It is absolutely amazing! When I look at it, it gives me this wonderful feeling of positivity, as if the whole negative energy is gone. I is a good feeling… When I need to have a clear mind, I just hold it for a couple of minutes. I read that it is the perfect crystal for outdoor meditation, and for carrying or wearing during hiking or other outdoor activities.
There is a couple of those for sale at Gemoholic.

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