The Moonstone, another Pisces Birthstone

The Moonstone gleams from white to pink to light gray, and owes its name to the luminary. Like its namesake, it represents the unconscious, the depths of our souls and helps support the self-knowledge, wisdom and intuition. Because the Moonstone is assigned to the Sacral Chakra, it activates the dreaming, and ensures that pent-up, suppressed or painful experiences can be processed and released.

By positioning the Moonstone on the Sacral Chakra are stimulated, additionally it has beneficial effects on metabolism and thyroid. According to the mythology, the Moonstone amplifies the forces of the moon here on earth, it helps the dreamy and often much more sensitive Pisces to go with more clarity and assertiveness through life. As a healing stone, Moonstone helps with menstrual cramps and menopause and is used to maintain womanhood up to old age.

In Arab countries, Moonstone is sewed like the jewel into the clothes, as it he promises fertility, in contrast, in India the Chandrakant is worshiped as a holy stone. The Sanskrit word Chandrakant stands for Moon (Chandra) and loved (kanta), which means loved by the moon.

In ancient times it was believed that the Moonstone has the power of prophecy, a discipline that could only be performed by a priestess. For that reason, men wore women’s clothes and took the Moonstone in the mouth to look into the future.

Although the Moonstone is calles the “Women stone”, today’s men need not be scared off by it, because sensitivity and intuition are not a question of gender.

The Moonstone should be energized – how else – in the moonlight during the full moon.

Since this gem takes away the fear of the future, the feldspar has a good opportunity to advance to the most desirable protection stone, especially in these times. © lb

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