Aries and the Carnelian

As Aries is a sign of spring, it is hardly surprising if the season brings the energies oft his zodiac sign at full speed. For Aries, it is the time for new plans, ideas or relationships. How much he actually implements them is hard to say.

The Aries-born like to simply to let the imagination run free and to view life from a new perspective. At work Aries chooses the challenge and likes to be in the spotlight.

The best thing is to give the Aries the executive chair right away, subordination us very difficult for him. However, the ram is a nice boss, speaking with great concern for the welfare of his employees.

The Aries-born is always looking for solutions that improve the working atmosphere. But beware: If the ram gets ignored or exploited, his good humor can turn quickly into the opposite. Since this sign doesn’t avoid arguments, one should be better armed, because in anger Aries knows no mercy.

The Aries’ feelings run high quickly, one wrong word is often enough to make him explode, but just as quickly as they ignite, they cool down and again and the world is sunshine and roses. To calm his temperament, and to support the innate generosity and helpfulness carnelian is the perfect stone. The name of the healing stone comes from the Latin word “corneolus “and means cherry.

Carnelian forms in volcanoes and it was one of the most precious stones of the ancient world. The Egyptians even believed that the stone had divine power and laid the carnelian with their dead. It is believed that it protects against the evil eye and it is used for all types of disorders of the circulatory system.

The bright red Carnelian activates the joy of life – so that the spring becomes a pleasure. © lb

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