The Crystal Sphere

In mathematics, the sphere is the ideal form: it has infinitely many symmetry planes passing all through a point and has no corners or edges. However, not only for mathematics, the sphere is fascinating, ever since the medieval times, people were using the crystal sphere look into the future. Usually these spheres are made of Crystal Quartz.

Formed and polished into a sphere and put on black velvet – so that no reflection penetrates from the outside, the sphere supports the scrying or meditations.

The colours occurring in the sphere are interpreted similarly to the interpretation of dreams. White is associated with good luck and green with envy and resentment.

Before the first use, the sphere should be cleansed with mild soap and water to wash away foreign energies. Then the sphere should be charged in moonlight during the full moon or in sunlight. Afterward it can be worked with.

Feng Shui gives the sphere special attention – it is a symbol that things are running smoothly. Their harmonizing energy and charisma provide particularly good service in the partnership area:

Placed in the room or hung from the ceiling, the sphere gives human relations stability and balance. In unused corners the sphere supports activity and vitality and dissolves negative energies

But even used as a decorative piece, the sphere exudes its fascination, by splitting the sunlight into its spectral colours. © lb

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