Taurus and his stones

Taurus-born are practical, economical and imaginative. Their home is important to them, even if they do not have a generous income, they conjure from existing resources and their innate creativity to provide a cozy nest in no time.

Taurus love a cozy spot where they can retire with their loved ones from the hustle and bustle, and they will do everything to make this place becomes an oasis of harmony.

For the children of a Taurus born this may sometimes be a bit stressful, since this zodiac assumes the smartest and most beautiful of all children to call their own, the expectations in the young are extremely high.

A peculiarity used by the Taurus in all areas.

Taurus is not satisfied with alms, success and reputation are extremely important and he will devote all his energy for achieving his goal. They never give up, under the motto “What does not knock me over, makes me strong,” they accept all of life’s challenges, obstacles are taken easy-going and they remain steadfastly on course.

This persistence can easily turn into its opposite and inflexibility and inertia are the result. Since Taurus-born don’t accept changes easily, following gemstones shoul be used to support and strengthen in times of rapid change:

Kyanite helps the often sedate Taurus to eloquently express himself and to trust his instincts, it dampens the irascible temperament and provides more serenity.

Blues Lace Agate, also know under the name “the speakers stone” has very similar properties.The gemstone promotes fluency and helps the wearer to be aware of himself. Blue Lace Agate is also excellent as a meditation stone, a pleasant, calming effect can be achieved mere looking at it. © lb

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