Amethyst can help us avoid undue spiritual influences

The people of the 21st Century are exposed to extreme and permanent media influences probably more than any other generation before. Whether it’s about looks, income or life philosophy is, everyone and everything is based on a trend that, if followed promises to fulfil our dreams, desires and aspirations.

The temptation is great, because it is the nature of man, to always on his way to self-uses all sorts of tools to achieve the goal – the absolute bliss. A condition that is very appealing, but difficult to implement in everyday life.

Thus it is no wonder that the business of self-proclaimed gurus, healers and clairvoyants is booming. But spirituality can not be learned and applied in a weekend seminar. Spirituality requires an attitude and a willingness to self-reflect. Attaining spirituality means learning to tread a path into its interior, protecting himself apart from harmful influences and outside. An active crown enhances our connection with the universe or the divine in us and strengthens the confidence to “the right thing”.

Amethyst can support us in this quest. The gemstone, which had great importance in ancient times, helps us to clearly identify the unconscious mental processes on a mental level and provides us with the necessary concentration and power to accept and implement upcoming changes. Amethyst provides the opportunity to grow and mature inside to finally get to the wisdom that enables us to distinguish clearly what is changeable and what can not be changed. © lb

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