Recently I had a very interesting discussion about Amazonite. I have a very nice Sphere which I got in Munich during the Mineralientage last October (just have a look at the photo I made). It is a powerful stone, whith a beautiful blue-green colour, a variety of feldspar, named after the Amazon river. Some say it is called after the Amazon women warriors, and call it also the stone of courage. It is semi-opaque, often with steaks of white.

Amazonite balances feminine energies before rituals. What you can do on a day before a ritual is to sit for a few minutes with mint or lemon incense burning and hold the Amazonite between your hands. Relax and try to clear your head of all thoughts. Hold it when you want to focus on learning a new skill. If you place it on your desk at work, it will enhance your creativity and protect you against others taking advantage of you and other unfair practices at work.

It is a balancing stone, balances especially male and female energies and will help you clear the spirit. It is lucky stone that can help make dreams come true. Amazonite is a heart and throat chakra stone, so it is good to wear it as a pendant on a necklace. I have one of those and I wear it in times when I feel confused, irritated or just down and need clear thoughts. Wearing it will also boost your Aura. It dispels negative and irritating energy and soothes emotional worries and fears.

Amazonite helps balance the emotions and gives physical stamina. It enhances and maintains general health and supports healthy lifestyle. It is a Virgo stone and it is ruled by the planets Uranus, Earth and Mercury.

The green variety is a good-luck stone, especially if you combine it with Aventurine – it brings luck for competitions, all kinds of financial ventures and games of chance.

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