Aquamarine – the companion stone of Pisces

As the Latin name (aqua = water, mare = sea) itself indicates, has the colour of the ocean. From pale blue to dark green extends the dazzling spectrum of this gemstone, which is seen as a symbol of spring in March and therefore is considered as birthstone of this wonderful season. If you place an Aquamarine in water and leave it to be flooded by sunlight, not only the stone is charged with energy, but also the water. In the middle Ages it was regarded as a cure for small sufferings, such as dental, throat and liver pains. If you trust myths and legends, it possesses a spell of making its wearer not only happy and rich, but also to meet the chosen one. In order to recognize if it is the “right one” the Aquamarine provides clarity, takingĀ into account not only rational intellect but also matters of the heart. The stone improves vision, a property that was already known in the Middle Ages, and “Beryl” (the group which aquamarine belongs to) was used as ophthalmic lens at that time. At the time also magical mirrors were cut from beryl crystal providing a glimpse into the future.

Pisces-born are as mysterious as the Aquamarine; Pisces people are shy, sensitive and are prone towards daydreaming, seeking solitude before returning to life. The Aquamarine, Pisces birthstone, helps the wearer to entrust themselves to the flow of life and to live in the here and now (a characteristic that in Pisces isĀ not particularly distinctive), at the same time strengthening the personality and increasing assertiveness.

Aquamarine - the birth stone of Pisces

Aquamarine – the birth stone of Pisces

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