Earth Chakra


Formed with the elements and powers that also formed the earth, the Boji joins and balances the energy.

The word chakra in Sanskrit means “wheel”, and describes the permanent flow of movement of the energy fields that connect the physical and ethereal bodies. The chakras are located in the centre of the spine spread from head to rump and provide our body with energy. They perform a diametrically opposite rotation, i.e. if one revolves around the right, the next revolves around left. The energy released in the field, also called aura is visible to some and even if it’s not to others – it’s still there! The base or earth chakra is the link to “Mother Earth”. When we are in harmony with ourselves, our environment and the world, then we are well “grounded” and the earth chakra extends deep into the ground. But this state is not easy to keep in a fast-paced world as ours, and even harder to achieve. Hereinafter referred to and cited gemstones support and enable the earth chakra: The Boji Stone is very useful, helping the carrier, to transpose ideas precisely and vigorously, and to find the inner self. The Boji Stone is shrouded in all sorts of mystical stories of Native Americans – originally used in ceremonies and rites – now being referred to as the only “living” stone, because it has organic life, which is classified into male, female and hermaphrodite.

Less spectacular, but with great effect on both body and soul is the Fire Agate. Its effect is to offset the internal equilibrium, stability.

Fire Agate

Less spectacular, but with great effect on both body and soul is the Fire Agate

The Hematite strengthens the earth chakra and purifies the heart, blood and brain. From time to time the gemstones should be re-charged with energy by placing them in the sun. Exception to this is the Hematite – it should be cleaned in the freezer.

Hematite carving

Hematite - a stone for the mind

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