Scorpio and healing stone Falcon Eye (Blue Tiger Eye)

Scorpio and healing stone Falcon Eye (Blue Tiger Eye)

One of the many varieties of quartz micro-crystalline rock is a Falcon Eye. The Agate has similiarities to the falcon eye in drawing parallel layers of colours. However in the case of this formation, only the colors blue, gray and blue to blue green are present.

By the component crocidolite, which is a naturally occurring, inorganic silicate, creates a silky sheen, which is also known as “cat’s eye effect.” At the same time, the silicate is non-flammable, extremely difficult to melt and heat-insulating, and is used in industry for the manufacture of protective clothing.

Due to this gem containing asbestos, do not make a stone elixir ever ! The Falcon Eye is a healing stone for external use ONLY! The Falcon Eye is used since the Middle Ages in the Arab world, with its cheerfulness and good humor and similarity to animal eyes, as remedies for various eye diseases.

It is claimed that the Falcon Eye adds a spiritual aspect, and provides its wearer the power to recognize the context and correlation necessary to lead them to a better solution or change. In other words, the Falcon Eye provides us with clarity.

The Falcon Eye is also excellent for meditation and shows the Scorpio, passionate about his poking into the depths of his subconscious mind, to see things from a bird’s eye view. Thus gaining a new perspective, it is possible to detect patterns, blockages or black holes, and moderate the necessary change.

Since the Falcon Eye is assigned to the third eye chakra , it should be placed on the forehead during meditation. In addition it is recommended during meditation to put it on the table in front of you and look at it.

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