The Moonstone, one more gem of the Pisces

Gleaming white to pink to light grey, the gem is named after the earth’s satellite, the Moon. Like its namesake, it represents the unconscious mind, down into the depths of our souls and helps the wearer to experience self-awareness, wisdom and intuition. As it is assigned to the sacral chakra, the moonstone activates dreaming and ensures that pent up, suppressed or painful experiences can be reappraised and released.

Gem of the Pisces

Moonstone, one more gem of the Pisces

By placing the gem on the body, it has a stimulating effect on spleen, liver and pancreas, worn as Pendant it has beneficial effects on metabolism and thyroid gland. According to mythology it reinforces the power of the moon on earth, it helps the dreamy and often sensitive fish to get with more clarity and assertiveness through life. As a healing stone it is used for menstrual discomfort or menopause and is said to provide femininity into old age. In Arab countries, the gem is sewn into clothes, because it promises fertility.  In India the Chandrakant, the Sanskrit word for the gem, is considered sacred. Chandrakant stands for the moon (Chandra) and loved (kanta), therefore beloved of the moon. In ancient times, the Moonstone was attributed the power of prophecy, a discipline which was then dominated primarily by priestesses, which is why men wore women’s clothes with the moonstone in the mouth to take a glimpse into the future. The moonstone was sometimes referred to as “feminine stone “, however, nowadays the male species should not be deterred by this, as sensitivity and intuition are not issues of sexual affiliation. The moonstone is recharged – how could it otherwise be – under the full moon. And in times like these,  due to the gem removing the fear of the future, this feldspar is a very desirable protective stone.

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