Birthstone of Pisces – the magical Amethyst

Birthstone of Pisces – the magical Amethyst (amethyst bracelet by Gemoholic)

For many thousands of years, the most striking representative of the quartz family has been a jewel coveted by princes both ecclesiastical and secular. Moses described it as a symbol of the Spirit of God in the official robes of the High Priest of the Jews, and the Russian Empress Catherine the Great sent thousands of miners into the Urals to look for it.

Amethyst Amethyst

In the vernacular, the Amethyst is said to offer protection against drunkenness and against seduction. It’s quite an ambiguous statement because the Greek meaning of the word “Amethyein” is: “not drunk”, which is why they drank wine in the ancient world from Amethyst goblets. In complete states of drunkenness the Amethyst was mashed into powder and was administered to drunkards as to preserve from delirium. In India, Buddhist monks used Amethyst to help with meditation. To treat skin blemishes and tumour, also to ensure soft facial skin, Hildegard von Bingen used Amethyst. When an Amethyst stone is placed under a pillow, it prevents nightmares.Amethyst

Although the rich purple of the stone appears stunningly beautiful, it’s chastity and faith the stone is supposed to convey, not surprisingly that for centuries the Amethyst was considered the gemstone of bishops and cardinals. To science the Amethyst is and was a big puzzle. It was established only recently that the unusual colour is due to a specific iron content, which in conjunction with natural radioactivity creates this colour miracle. The structure of the gemstone is exceptional which result in complex crystal lattice substitutions where fields and lamellae are stacked in layers and thus give the stone its magical colour intensity. But beware of sun- bathing your Amethyst, because it fades under intense sunlight.

Healing properties

Amethyst will alleviate migraines, when worn. Nervous headache soon subside when a cross-section or geode of an amethyst is placed in a room. It also help improves concentration. The gemstone has a relaxing, soothing effect and promotes healthy sleep. As a healing stone, it is often used in combination with other stones and as a protective stone against thieves and ghosts. The Amethyst regulates excess stomach acid and stormy temperament; it helps to keep a cool head, enhances concentration and gives inner peace and is used for therapeutic treatment for grief processing or painful experiences and losses.

Chakra classification

When placed on the crown chakra or top of the head during meditation, the Amethyst increases concentration and confidence in life. People who regularly wear Amethyst bracelets (amethyst bracelet by Gemoholic)

Amethyst Bracelet

or necklaces are said to fascinate others with their personality and charisma.

Application and care

To cleanse it, wash it once a month under warm running water and leave overnight among dry hematite stones. Do not expose to the sun.

The largest deposits of this magical stone are in Brazil, Uruguay and Madagascar.

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