Labradorite – A companion to Pisces – part 1

According to an Eskimo legend, the Northern Lights were once imprisoned along the coast of Labrador. Lore of the Inuit peoples claim Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, an ordinary stone that transforms to the extraordinary, shimmering in a mystical light that separates the waking world from unseen realms. It is said that a wandering Eskimo warrior found them and was able to free most of the lights with a mighty blow of his spear. Some of the lights were still trapped within the stone, and thus created the beautiful gemstone known as Labradorite.

Labradorite Labradorite raw

In other ancient lores, Labradorite were considered to be a talismanic gem of winter, and in Oriental culture it was known as a “phenomenal gem” to be worn on Saturdays. Phenomenal gems exhibited a moving line, star, or changes on the surface as the light varied, and was considered to bring good fortune to the wearer.Labradorite

In a more scientific description, Labradorite, a feldspar mineral, is an intermediate to calcic member of the plagioclase series. Labradorite occurs in mafic igneous rocks and is the feldspar variety most common in basalt and gabbro. Labradorite is treasured for its remarkable play of colour, known as labradorescence. The stone, usually grey-green, dark grey, black or greyish-white, is composed in aggregate layers that refract light as iridescent flashes of peacock blue, gold, pale green, or coppery red. The predominant blue varies within the light, displaying hues from deepest blue to various shades of pale, almost blue-green.

It is, in every sense, a Stone of Magic, a crystal of shamans, diviners, healers, and all who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance. For self-discovery, it is excellent for awakening one’s own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities. Wearing or carrying Labradorite allows one’s innate magical powers to surface.

A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance.  It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies.  Powerful in revealing the truth behind illusions, Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, and strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe.  It stimulates the imagination and calms an overactive mind, developing enthusiasm and new ideas.

Labradorite is said to provide quick relief from anxiety, hopelessness and depression, replacing them with enthusiasm, self-confidence and inspiration. Labradorite is also said to give perseverance, strength and enhanced intuition when one is experiencing times of conflict and change.

Labradorite is particularly effective in alleviating bone issues, disorders of the spinal column and the wear and tear of the joints. Rheumatism and arthritis may also benefit from this stone’s healing powers. Psychologically, Labradorite has a calming and harmonizing effect, so it is a wonderful stone for irascible people. It improves intuition and clarifies the possessor’s own views and objectives.

In its elixir form, Labradorite purges negativity, bringing well being to you; it also has pain killing properties. It is quite a balancing harmonious energy, it helps ones intuition, especially the timing of things. When intended for healing purposes, Labradorite should be carried as a touchstone tumbled or in jewellery, and then cleansed under running water. If it’s surface becomes cloudy, it should be put in mineral water in placed in the sun for a few days to regenerate and refresh.

A sister to moonstone, Labradorite links to the “darker” Crone aspects of the Goddess, and grants inner knowing of Mystery. It enhances intuition and psychic perception; just like the cord-cutting Crone, it helps the bearer to release judgment, and understand their destiny. Use it to bring Light to the shadowed realms of the self and to connect with the power of the waning Moon.

Labradorite which shows an iridescent play of colours is used in jewellery and lapidary items, and as an ornamental stone it has many popular uses such as in decorative clock faces, table and counter tops, facing for buildings, etc.

Labradorite is beneficial to the lungs, and may assist with respiratory problems, bronchitis and colds. It assists in digestion, regulation, and metabolism, to stimulate mental acuity, and to reduce stress and anxiety. It may also be soothing during menstruation, for PMS symptoms, and for pain relief, reduces sensitivity to cold, and alleviates rheumatism and gout.

Labradorite Chakra Healing
Labradorite radiates a predominant blue crystal energy that stimulates the Throat Chakra, the voice of the body. It is, in essence, a pressure valve that allows the energy from the other chakras to be expressed. If it is blocked, or out of balance, it can affect the health of the other chakras. When the throat chakra is in balance and open, it allows for the expression of what we think and what we feel. We can communicate our ideas, beliefs, and emotions, bringing our personal truth out into the world. We have an easy flow of energy within the body and spirit. The energy that springs upward from the lower chakras can continue its path enabling free expression and natural release. Darker shades of blue encourage the power of truth, while lighter shades carry the power of flexibility, relaxation, and balance. Labradorite, with its iridescent flashes of color, can be very beneficial in uniting all of the chakras.

Labradorite which is blue in colour although not a traditional birthstone for any Month, is associated with those born as the world awaits the vernal equinox and spring (February 19 – March 19). This is a time when new life is about to burst forth, a time of faith and trust. Blue crystals bring you patience and respect. Typical colours – Pale green, blue, colourless, grey-white: with iridescent blue or gold flashes.

Labradorite Amulets and Talismans in Necklace & Pendants

Labradorit Pendant
As an amulet of protection, Labradorite is a powerful Barrier Filter. Barrier crystals have incredible abilities to help us focus and amplify our efforts to keep undesirable elements out of our lives. Its crystalline structure gives it strength in all directions, allowing it to provide barriers to attack from all directions simultaneously. Crystals with the earth power of a Filter, absorb positive energy flow but work to keep negative energy away from us. They help us view the world in a “glass half full” outlook, to see the best in others, the beauty in life, and the good in humanity. They keep us focused on the positive in situations and to not be overwhelmed by the negative. In our technological world, Filters also work to keep harmful electromagnetic transmissions from sapping our energy and health.

Labradorite was first found by Moravian missionaries in 1770 who named it for the area on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada. It is also found in Norway, and the former USSR. There is a blue semi-transparent variety called spectrolite that is only found in Finland. The geological type area for Labradorite is Paul’s Island near the town of Nain in Labrador, Canada. It has also been reported in Norway and various other locations worldwide.

Rarer varieties of Labradorite include Golden Labradorite, a transparent gold or champagne-color, and Spectrolite, an intense variety displaying the entire colour spectrum, discovered in Finland in the 1940s.

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