Aries and Garnet

When garnet gets excavated from the dark pit into the bright daylight, it must first be polished by expert hands to expose its radiating true beauty.

Garnet Bracelet .925 Sterling Sivler

Garnet Bracelet in .925 Sterling Sivler by Gemoholic

Probably few other than those familiar with mineralogy, know that the colour of garnet does not have to necessarily be red as the name is only a generic term for ten different gemstones of similar chemical composition. From gentle yellow to orange, to earth tones like green and brown, all is represented under the category garnet.

Pink Grossular Garnet from Mexico, by Gemoholic

Pink Grossular Garnet from Mexico, by Gemoholic

Garnet can be easily processed because of its hardness and has a very high refractive index. In the Middle Ages, the stone was not called for nothing “carbuncle”. Even in ancient times, in Egyptians and the Romans made it lanterns with garnet stones to light up the night and keep away evil. Lore has it, that as it lights up the night, the garnet elucidates the soul and worn as a talisman it protects its bearer not only from ghosts and evil, but also gives energy and strength. In ancient dream books it is written that one should wear a garnet with the weight of 20 grains of wheat in order to be free from nightmares.

Rhodolite Garnet - Tocantins, Minas Gerais, Brazil, by Gemoholic

Rhodolite Garnet – Tocantins, Minas Gerais, Brazil, by Gemoholic

For Aries born the garnet is one of the protection and healing stones. For partnerships, the stone is the symbol of hope and faith, and it is, it darkens its radiance when one partner breaks the fidelity. But the risk is low for an Aries as he likes to live in stable relationships and need an orderly environment.

Pink Garnet by Gemoholic

Raspberry Pink Garnet Crystal by Gemoholic

The Garnet supports the memory of Aries-born and is designed to give relief from headache. Since red garnet gives energy and power, especially to Aries, they should be worn more in times of fatigue and listlessness.


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