Moonstone – romance and friendship

The gemology term moonstone is a bluish silver or purplish white semi precious stone consisting of alkali feldspar which are silica minerals commonly found in colored crystal. The name Moonstone was chosen by the ancient Greeks to describe gemstones that displayed the moon’s ethereal silvery light. Moonstone’s body color can range from colorless to:


  • White

  • Gray

  • Brown

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Green

  • Peach

Moonstone Palmstone Crystal

Moonstone Palmstone Crystal from India – emotional balance, soothing energy



The Roman and Greek associate the moonstone with their Gods and Goddess and the powers of the moon which adds to the moonstones unique appeal.


The moonstone has been used in jewelry for hundreds of years; they are especially lucky for Pisces and Cancer signs and thought to bring romance and friendship the wearer.$T2eC16NHJHYFFkKKHbzmBRbDuFkys!~~60_58.JPG

Moonstone, Labradorite & Aquamarine Necklace & Bracelet Set

 The beautiful moonstone is thought to have the essence of the moon (which controls the sea) and give it visual allure and protection for water lovers of safe return from sea.


  • Safety

  • Romance

  • Friendship




Pisces is a water sign; and a moonstone is believed to harvest Pisceans desired changes and turn them into reality. Those that desire self improvement use moonstones to help see their changes to fruitation.


  • Studies

  • Health

  • Weight loss


Pisceans naturally are attracted to the sea, wear moonstones to assure their safe return to land. People were these semiprecious stones to bring love, romance and friendship and ward off negativity.

Larvikite from Norway - Black (Blue Norwegian) Moonstone

Larvikite from Norway – Black (Blue Norwegian) Moonstone


The moonstone helps you to harvest your future goals to change your present state; whether it is financial, physical or emotional. The moon is known to regulate the sea and the moonstone is believed to have protective powers for the possessor when in water.


The celestial powers are believed to be more potent in clearer colored stones. There is an abundance of stones in:


  • Sri Lanka

  • India

  • US

  • Brazil

  • Australia. 


As you can see the semiprecious Moonstone with its beauty and mystic allure is not only a stone used for jewelry but a protective keepsake. This layered moonstone stone is a very interesting gem with celestial powers and also the beginning of many artisans fine crafted jewelry.


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