Quick Start Guide for Using Crystals in Reiki Healing

Using crystals for healing and balancing the body’s energies is nothing new – we’ve been doing it for several millennia.

Crystal Quartz

Reiki healing is a much newer idea, especially in the West. Reiki is a hands-on method of balancing the body’s energies to promote healing, so it makes sense that using crystals during a Reiki treatment would have a beneficial effect.

But with all the choices in crystals that are available today, where does the Reiki practitioner start?

Here are 5 tips to get you using crystals in your Reiki healing:

1. Know your crystals

You need some kind of reference tool to help you know which crystals to use and when. By finding this website, you’re well placed to have all the information you need. We have a comprehensive on-line index of crystals at your fingertips. Books are a great resource and there are several on the market. We keep a list of our favorites which you can see here.

2. Understand the Chakras

This goes without saying, but just in case, we’re saying it anyway. Different crystals have different applications just like different chakras influence different parts of the body. It’s important that the crystals you choose to use are vibrating at the same level as the chakra you want to use it with. This way you ensure that you gain the maximum benefit.

3. Make good use of color

Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency. Like the refraction of light through water, this has a rainbow effect. Using crystals that correspond to the color of the vibrational field they influence can also increase the effectiveness of the crystals during a treatment. Thus, a red crystal for the root chakra and a yellow crystal for the solar plexus chakra are a good rule of thumb.

4. Don’t forget to ground

In Reiki, it is important to stay grounded because when you are working with energies, anything can happen! So in addition to a crystal for each chakra, it is important to use a grounding stone or crystal during Reiki healing. Two good choices are black tourmaline and jasper. Place these stones at the base of the client, near their feet.

5. Know where to place the crystals

Again, it may sound like stating the obvious, but place the crystals on the part of the body that corresponds to the chakra you are working with. This is easier said than done with some chakras. The 3rd Eye or Brow Chakra is easy enough – simply place the crystal on the client’s forehead. And for the rood Chakra the crystal can be placed at the base of the spine when the client is in face down position.

When the client is sitting up or you are practicing self-healing, you can place the crystal in line with an appropriate meridian (used in acupuncture). Meridians align with specific regions and organs of the body, so it is important that you choose a meridian that corresponds to the Chakra you are working with.

When placing the crystals on the client, start with the grounding stone and move upwards, starting with the root chakra and ending with the crown chakra. When the treatment is finished, reverse this process to remove the crystals, ending with your grounding ritual and removing that stone last.

Using crystals during Reiki healing can add an additional and powerful dimension to your Reiki practice. With the right information, a little creativity, and a bit of research, both you and your clients are sure to feel the benefits.

Yellow Hematite Quartz from Madagascar

Yellow (Hematite) Quartz from Madagascar – Hand Polished! Solar Plexus Chakra

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