Book Of Gems specializes in a range of high quality gemstones that come in all kinds of colors, styles, sizes and designs. Throughout history, gemstones have been used for their healing and esoteric properties. Traditionally, they have been used as natural medicine. Up until the Renaissance, these stones were used for healing as an alternative to modern medicine. However, significant developments in modern science and related fields of study have been realized due to the new age perceptions that both animate and inanimate bodies exchange certain forms of energy with their surroundings.

The forms and colors of these precious stones result from the vigorous heating, cooling and displacements they undergo during formation in the inner core of the earth. Healing is stimulated by the colors and the crystals with energy signatures that constitutes the gems; the energy is absorbed, transformed and then released to create an electromagnetic field around the body. This field of electromagnetic energy stimulates electrical impulses in the nerves and triggers chakra activity. Moreover, the meridian flow of energy, activities of the hormonal glands and metabolism of cells, tissues and organs, can be affected by stones.

Some of our collections of gemstones are the Birthstone of Pisces, also known as the magical amethyst; emerald, the stone of successful love; calcite; sahasrara, also known as the crown Chakra;  the red tiger eye; the cactus amethyst; Aries and Ruby; impressions from the Maissau or Austria’s amethyst; Aries and Garnet; Root Chakra and gems associated it; moonstone, known for its effect on romance and friendship; sunstones, the legend stones surrounding the sun; Labradorite, a pisces companion, as well as Garnet and Aries that are known for their healing and protective nature.

We strive to provide our customers with all the information they might need to know about gemstones at www.booksofgems.com. Whether one is looking for gems to use for healing, meditation, aesthetic reasons or even to ward off psychic attacks, we have a Gemoholic shop on ebay that sells authentic fine crystals, jewelry, arts & crafts, minerals and new age products that are handmade, at affordable costs.

Our stones and crystals are carefully picked to ensure the highest quality and the sizes vary to meet customers’  individual preferences and needs.